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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Printable Worksheets 11

15 worksheets, 39 pages with grammar, writing, vocabulary and oral activities - tons of exercises. Most of the worksheets contain B&W versiona and / or teacher's handout with answer.

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1. Elementary verb tenses review - Explanation, examples and exercises: present continuous, present simple, present continous or present simple, future with going to, future with will, will or going to, past simple - regular verbs, special spelling cases, irregular verbs, to be - present, past and future, there be - present and past, teacher handout with answers
2. Excuse me - confusable words
3. Future continuous practice
4. Garfield's busy day - prepositions minibook
5. Have someone do something
6. Have something done
7. Have you ever...
8. House objects and rooms
9. Must - obligation vs. prohibition
10. No, nothing, any, anything, some, something
11. Phrasal verbs with A
12. Present simple X Past simple
13. Speaking cards
14. Where are the pets?
15. Where's Garfield?

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Zailda Coirano


  1. Why are some worksheets repeated?

  2. Some were included in the grammar packs, for teachers who want to practice only grammar topics. I added a complete description for everyone to know what they're getting. Previoulsy published worksheets cost less than the ones that were never included in packs. Besides there are different versions of the same wss. However, the new packs (jobs, theme wss) and the ones published at the end of the month are not repeated and won't be published anywhere.

  3. Not considering the Easy Grammar Series (which I consider justifiable to be resold), there are at lease 4 resold items here. I would expect each newly numbered set (in the same series) to have completely new items. I'm sure some people are paying twice for some repeated items. Perhaps considering not repeating items under the same titled series is better. Other than this, your work is marvelous.

    1. The re-sold items are not considered in the amount of the price, if a person gets all the Printable Worksheets collection, the repeated items are just a better resolution copy, an update or was added just because of the other items sold in the pack.
      As I said, the packs you'll find here from the next week on are completely exclusive. Since I've got another online store, the items I've added are just an update, the new items (grammar games, jobs, animals) are exclusive.
      Thanks for the comment anyway, it's very good to know the readers opinion, and I want you to be sure they won't be repeated from July 20.


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