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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Printable Worksheets 7

42 worksheets with grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, games and lots of exercises.

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Adjective or adverb?
Asking for directions
At the stall – fruit, vegetables and American money
At the zoo – animals and places, past simple
Baby store – clothes and things, personal pronouns
Believe it or not – conversation cards
Cheerleaders – reading comprehension + videos / movies suggested
Elementary verb tenses review
Excuse me – homophones
Fashion world: Do you want to be a model? – reading comprehension + have to
How often do you… - present simple and adverbs of frequency
In / out game 1 – vocabulary game with instructions
In / out game 2 – vocabulary game with instructions
In / out game 3 – vocabulary game with instructions
Likes & dislikes + present simple
No, nothing, any, anything, some, something
Number cards
Opposites – memory cards
Past simple review
Past simple review (2)
Pet store – animals and writing
Phrasal verbs starting with A
Prepositions of place and movement
Present continuous boardgame
Present perfect or past simple?
Present perfect or past simple? (2)
Questions and answers with the bears
Questions and answers with the frog
School objects dominoes
Some, any, no & every
Speaking cards
The human body (the face)
The human body
The messy room – there be, to be, prepositions
The verb to be-e
What are they saying? – dialog practice
Where’s the cube – preposition dominoes
Where’s the Teddy bear – prepositions
Wish clauses II
Written and oral drills – verb to be & occupations

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Zailda Coirano


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    1. I've resent it, if you face any problem, please, let me know.


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