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Monday, July 23, 2012

Reading Comprehension 4

17 worksheets with reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing and grammar. Click the link below for further information.



Reading 4 (contents)

Fishing is fun - reading, comprehension, vocabulary, writing (2 pages)

Helping children grow up - reading, comprehension, writing, grammar [indefinite pronoun "one"], teacher's keys (3 pages)

My pet - vocabulary, reading, comprehension, writing, grammar [do, does, did], teacher's keys (3 pages)

Netiquette - reading, comprehension, writing, grammar [question tags], teacher's keys (3 pages)

Parents vs. future career - reading, comprehension (1 page)

Saving lives - reading, comprehension, grammar [past simple vs. present perfect], teacher's keys (3 pages)

Stupid quotes 1 - reading, comprehension, writing (1 page)

Teens & friendship - reading, comprehension, grammar [class of words, connectors], teacher's keys (3 pages)

The prom - reading, comprehension, writing, grammar [present simple vs. past simple], techer's keys (3 pages)

The social web - reading, comprehension, teacher's keys (2 pages)

Valentine's Day - reading, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar [-ing after prepositions], teacher's keys (2 pages)

Welcome onboard - reading, comprehension, writing, grammar [full infinitive vs. infinitive without "to"], teacher's keys (3 pages)

What will you be when you grow up? - reading, comprehension, writing, grammar [present simple vs. future] (2 pages)

What's a maid? - reading, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, riddle, teacher's handout with keys (4 pages)

Where's Mr. Right? - reading, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar [the use of former and latter] (1 page)

Why do I have to go to school? - reading, comprehension, writing (1 page)

Woman celebrates 100th birthday on Titanic anniversary - pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, writing, grammar [relative clauses, adverbs], teacher's handout (5 pages)

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