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Monday, May 06, 2013

Listening Skills–Teens and Adults

10 worksheets (link to audio included) with tons of listening / writing activities for intermediate / advanced levels - teens and adults.


Listenign Skills


1. ALIEN ABDUCTION - 2 listening, Multiple choice questions, True or false questions, Comparing (4 pages)
2. CAMP GRANADA - SONG - Number the pictures, True or false questions, Answer questions (5 pages)
3. HEALTHY EATING - listening, True or false questions, Vocabulary check (3 pages)
4. IT GETS BETTER – BARACK OBAMA ABOUT BULLING - True or false questions, Vocabulary check (3 pages)
5. JOBS - True or false questions, Characterizing different jobs (3 pages)
6. LONDON TOURISME - Multiple choice questions, Answer questions, Number pictures, Vocabulary check, Write a text about London (6 pages)
7. MOM SONG - Write the vocabulary, Tick the pictures, Answer the questions, Vocabulary check, Write a letter (5 pages)
8. NEW YORK TOURISME - Multiple choice questions, Answer the questions about the recording, Vocabulary check (4 pages)
9. TAKAKO’S GREAT ADVENTURE - True or false questions, Vocabulary check, Write the end of the story (2 pages)
10. WHAT ARE THE BRITISCH LIKE? - Synonyms and opposites, Characterize your nationality (2 pages)

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