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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tenses Review 3–There be (present)

Three worksheets, 9 pages with explanation, examples, exercises, game and answers for the teacher.

Tenses Review 3 – There be (present)

Students’ worksheet – 4 pages with exercises, explanation, examples on there is / there are in the negative, interrogative and affirmative, including the use of a / an / some / any.

Teacher’s worksheet – 4 pages + answers.

Boardgame – activity to practice orally.




Apostilas e jogos interativos em PowerPoint para o ensino e prática de idiomas – inglês – espanhol – alemão – francês – português (inclusive PLE). Se mora no Brasil visite SOS Idiomas; se mora no exterior visite: Digital Goods. Entrega imediata por download.

Zailda Coirano

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